Increasingly, many people now choose to be cremated after death. Fifty to sixty percent of Australians now opt for cremation. The increased popularity of cremation as an alternative to the traditional funeral service has led to a number of ‘choice problems.’ Such as what type of cremation do you opt for, what would you like to include in your creation service, how do you make the process as hassle-free and inexpensive as possible?

In a world where it is increasingly becoming necessary for people to make all decisions in alignment with their personal identities, cremation offers many people the choice of being laid to rest without any of the hassle of a traditional funeral. One of the reasons why many people opt for cremation is that it is a more flexible method of burying the dead, which means that as much as possible, it allows the individual to decide a lot of details about their funeral. On the flip side, however, the dilemma of choosing from the available options exists. This article will take you through the various factors to consider in selecting a cremation service while relating it to the available options.

Types of Cremation Services

Generally, there are three main types of cremation services, although cremation service providers might offer different packages. They are:

• Traditional Cremation: This is the most similar to the traditional funeral service and is almost as expensive. The traditional cremation involves a funeral service followed by a cremation.

• Memorial Cremation: On the other hand, a memorial cremation involves a memorial service conducted after the body has been cremated. There is no viewing or funeral before the cremation is done, and there is no need to embalm the body or buy a coffin since the body is cremated right after death.

• Direct/No service Cremation: This is the most cost-effective and hassle-free of the cremation services available. The body is cremated, and there is no hosting of a memorial service after the cremation. All the costs incurred here relate directly to transporting and cremating the body. And where the deceased requests to be buried, the cost of a burial plot.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cremation Service

  • Individual Wishes

Perhaps, the most important thing to consider when choosing a cremation service is the wishes of the dead. If the deceased has in the past expressed bias towards a particular type of cremation service, then their wishes must be obeyed. Of the available options, it is important to consider what your loved one would have preferred. This is also a way of showing our respect for the dead. You should also consider what your loved one wants as their final resting place. This would help you decide whether you would need a burial plot or not and allow you to choose a service accordingly.

  • Cost

One of the reasons cremation is becoming widely adopted is that it is relatively cheaper than traditional funerals. Many people opt for cremation to avoid the huge costs of a traditional funeral service. However, it should be noted that of the available cremation services, some cost almost as much as a traditional service. In choosing a cremation service, you should ensure to speak with the cremation service provider to get a full idea of the available packages.

  • Ideology

Another thing to consider when choosing a cremation service is the ideology of the deceased person. An eco-friendly, green cremation might be the best bet for someone big on environmental conservation, which means that when you select a cremation service for them, you should pay attention to the environmental impact of whatever service or service provider you choose.

  • Distance and Transportation

For people whose families live abroad or scattered across the country, it would be a good idea to choose a cremation service that will not alienate or exclude any principal members of the family or close friends. If your loved one has died outside of where they are to be buried, you must also put into consideration the logistics of having them transported to the crematorium.

  • Additional Services

Certain cremation service providers offer a couple of add-on services that are intended to make the process of cremation a lot more convenient. Depending on what you require as an individual, you might need to pay attention to all the additional services that are being offered, such as procurement of death certificates, transfer fees, viewings, alternative venues, and so on. Suppose of all the packages being offered by the service provider, you do not find one that suits your specific needs. In that case, you might want to consider speaking to a different provider or asking for the particular things you need to be accommodated.

  • Reception

For those who would like to hold a reception or memorial service before or after the cremation, it is always advised that they ask questions from the service provider to see if they are willing to accommodate a gathering of friends and family. Some crematoriums offer reception services while some others do not. Some providers even allow for selected family and friends to be on ground during the actual process of cremation.


Choosing the right cremation service might seem like a lot in the face of grief and its attendant emotional turmoil, but you can still make the best choice for your loved one. Planning a funeral, either a traditional funeral or a cremation, can be exhausting with the myriad of choices that are there to be made. Hence, contacting a cremation service provider with access to all you need to organize a befitting cremation service for your loved one is important.

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