Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to go through. Dealing with loss through death can be physically and emotionally draining, whether friends or family. Unfortunately, death remains an irreversible process that we have little control over. However, what we can control is how respectably and honorably the remains of the ones we lose are handled.

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne and the whole of Australia. Recent statistics suggest that up to 69% of deaths in Australia are handled by cremation instead of traditional burials. Some of the reasons for this change in the trend include:

  • Cremations are often significantly cheaper than traditional burials.
  • Cremations are the most eco-friendly funeral service available right now.
  • People are more aware of their options to pre plan ahead of their deaths, and make their funeral plans practically and uninfluenced by emotions.
  • Cremating remains offer more flexibility to survivors; the ashes can be kept, buried, or scattered across the deceased’s favorite places.

If you are opting for cremation for any or all of the above reasons, the next step is to choose the best crematorium to take care of the process for you and all of the deceased’s survivors. That provokes an important question – how do you choose the best crematorium for your loved one? There are a few factors to consider in the decision-making process, and this article covers them all in-depth.


The finality that comes with a funeral service means it is not a process to be rushed. If this is your first time, or you are looking to switch service providers after an unsatisfactory experience, you have a couple of things to think through. The most important considerations to make before selecting the crematorium to use include:


The first thing you want to do is research the various options. You can start with a simple web search of your options. Look out for information like a license from appropriate authorities and if they have liability insurance or not. You also want to know if they have standard equipment in their crematorium – mortuary refrigerator and cremator processor machines, for example.

You should also look through online reviews to know what past clients have to say about the funeral home. Overwhelmingly negative comments should immediately exclude them from your shortlist. If you have friends or colleagues who have used a crematorium recently, you can also get honest opinions from them.


Different cremation services exist, so you have to determine if the crematorium you have in mind offers the kind you desire. At Templeton Family Funerals, our services can broadly be divided into three types: unattended direct cremation, single cremation, and dual cremation services.

Unattended Direct cremation involves cremation without a formal service. Single cremation services involve a service at a chapel or any venue of your choosing, followed by a private cremation. In contrast, a dual cremation service includes a committal service at the crematorium in addition to a church ceremony.

Studying the options each funeral home offers you ensures you end up with a choice you find satisfactory.


By the time you reach this step, you should have greatly narrowed down your options. The next step to carry out is a personal visit to see just how much of what you heard and read holds true.

During your visit to their facility, you want to consider the cleanliness of the environment. You also want to assess their level of professionalism and respectfulness in addressing you and other clients.

A physical visit also presents the unique opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications. Inquire about the crematorium’s policy on allowing family members to witness the cremation, specific details about how the procedure works, and time taken to complete the process after they receive the body. These questions may be difficult to find answers to without face-to-face contact.


The role of a crematorium extends beyond the cremation process. A proper funeral home also has to offer more to their clients, including registration of death certificates, basic mortuary care, transport services, collection of the body, and return of ashes to the family. These additional services can make a lot of difference by making the cremation service less stressful for you and your family. You can get this information by asking directly before leaving the funeral home when you visit.


Do this much earlier or delay this step till the end; what is important is that you get it done.

Remember, cheap services are seldom the best, while more expensive crematoriums are not always better than the less costly ones. It is up to you to consider the prices each crematorium offers and pit that against what you can afford. Also, be sure to look through the costs for the additional services so you can have a full financial picture ahead.


Now that you have obtained all the above information, it is time for you to put it all together and come to a final conclusion. After reaching this informed decision, you can finally start your loved one on their final journey.


What are the things you want from the funeral home you choose?

You want a facility with great online and offline reviews, an array of quality cremation services, and hospitable and patient staff as well as standard equipment. You also want a funeral home that offers additional services that can smoothen the process for you and provide the main and additional services at reasonably affordable prices.

There is one funeral home in Melbourne that meets all the above specifications to perfection: Templeton Family Funerals. You will have no regrets when you entrust us with the cremation of your loved one. Contact us today to find out more, or book one of our cremation services!