Direct cremations are the simplest types of cremations. It usually takes place within days after the death and without any mourners or attendees present. Sometimes called simple cremations, direct cremations are an alternative to burial.

No funeral service or memorial ceremony of any sort takes place in direct cremations. It also doesn’t require funeral home services as there is no visitation or viewing involved.

Direct cremations are a growing trend in Australia. People are shifting from traditional burials and formal cremations to the much simpler direct cremation.

Direct cremations provide many incentives to people over the traditional forms of funeral rites. What are those incentives, and why should you also choose direct cremations?

Find out more below.

Direct cremations cost less

With no funeral services or memorial ceremonies involved, the cost of direct cremations is way lower than usual. An average burial funeral service or cremation may cost well above $7,600. Whereas with the simplicity in direct cremations, the package can cost you only $2,090.

Furthermore, direct cremations are an economic relief for the bereaved family. It sets them free from unnecessary expenses of venue hire, embalming, a coffin, etc. The hassle-free process of direct cremations even saves you from taking a loan to pay for high-priced funerals. This cost-effective way lets you mourn your loved one in peace.

Easier for the bereaved families.

The time right after death is tough for the family of the deceased. In such a situation, running here and there to manage funeral rites is an extremely difficult thing. At such a time, direct cremations seem to be the best option to go for. It lets the family rest while the cremation service staff manages the entire process.

The family can still arrange post-death ceremonies. However, they can be held when it’s suitable for the people involved.

Environmental concerns

With time, people are getting more conscious of various environmental issues. They don’t want to contribute to making the environment worse.

Traditional burials a lot of land as a result of the space required for each grave. And with each passing year, the cemetery keeps on expanding to accommodate new graves.

The long-term environmental impacts of burial are much higher than cremations. For instance, maintenance of the graveyard requires resources and produces emissions.

With all these factors in mind, direct cremation seems the more eco-friendly option.

No need for a cemetery

Another advantage of direct cremations is that there is no grave involved. This means cemetery visits are not required. For instance, if the family settles somewhere else, visiting the grave will be extremely hard.

Likewise, if the family of the deceased lives abroad, there’s no use in burial. The grave will most likely remain unvisited.

With direct cremations, you have the choice of either keeping the ashes with you or scattering them at a specific place of remembrance.

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