On average, Australian funerals cost anywhere between $5000 to $15,000. A lot of families don’t get a chance to properly grieve as time is taken up on worrying about funeral costs and what arrangements need to be made. Therefore, direct unattended cremations are best for those who want to save their time along with money.

Difference between Direct Cremations & Funeral Service Cremation

The major difference between traditional funeral and direct cremation is the timeline between death and cremation. In these traditional ceremonies, the body is taken to the funeral home from the place of death then, the funeral director will meet with family to discuss arrangements for the funeral service. Funeral arrangements can take 3- 5 days to be finalised. Whereas, with an unattended direct cremation, the body is cremated within 24-48 hours of death. All paperwork is completed via phone and email and we will inform you when the cremation will take place. There are no mourners present and this is the most simple of funeral arrangements.

An unattended direct cremation is when the person is cremated within days of passing away. No funeral service is held and no mourners attend. A Direct Cremation is the cheapest, most simple funeral service a person can have. Direct cremations allow you to grieve without spending extra money or preparing the body for the funeral.

Direct Cremations Melbourne

Direct Cremations Melbourne offers low cost simple, unattended, direct cremations without spending money on a funeral service. We offer an affordable alternative to full-service funerals without compromising the emotions of the family. We arrange simple and affordable cremations without any fuss that includes all the services related to cremation.

What is included in the Direct Unattended Cremation Package?

    • Cremation will take place at either Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Bunurong Memorial Park, Lilydale Memorial Park, Fawkner Memorial Park, or Altona Memorial Park
    • 24 hours, 7 days personal & professional care
    • Transfer of your loved one into our care
    • Basic mortuary care
    • Funeral Arrangement via Phone or Email
    • Basic MDF Coffin
    • Transport of your loved one to the crematorium
    • Cremation fee
    • Attend to the relevant administration
    • Collection of medical certificate
    • Register death certificate with Births, Deaths & Marriages (BDM)
    • Medical certification
    • Death certificate
    • Professional Service fee

Additional Costs

    • Cremation to take place at Lilydale, Fawkner or Altona Memorial Park $395
    • Weekend & Public Holiday Fees: At Cost
    • Arrangement in person with funeral consultant $195
    • Larger Coffin $195

With us, you can rest at ease knowing that we will arrange everything for your loved one’s cremation. Contact us now!