Losing a loved one can be a difficult experience. And, making funeral arrangements makes this experience even more difficult. When you lose a loved one, you may want to take a minute to grieve their loss in peace. Unfortunately, this can’t always be done.

Soon after you lose a loved one, you’ll need to start making funeral arrangements. There are also several administrative tasks that’d need your attention. You’d need to finish all these tasks before you lay your loved one to rest. This is why direct cremations are becoming a common occurrence in Melbourne.

So, what are some of the benefits of direct cremation?


Funerals and wakes cost a lot of money. From booking venues for memorial services to body treatment costs and caskets. Many of the activities that come before your loved one’s funeral cost money. And sometimes this money is a considerable amount.

It’s not uncommon for people to go into debt because they serviced their loved one’s funeral. This can be a devastating position to be in. Especially if you’re dealing with grief while going through tough financial times. This is where direct cremations can help you.

With direct cremations, we can bury your loved ones a few days after they die. And at a fixed cost, that is lower than what a regular funeral would’ve taken.

Peace of mind

Saying goodbye to people that we love is already hard enough. So when someone dies, several stressful issues come up. The financial burden from funeral arrangements and planning the wake are some examples. You may also find yourself having to cater to tasks such as filing for a death certificate.

You may also find yourself hosting mourners who may want to remember the departed. All these activities can be a lot when you are still grieving. This is why you should take any help that you can get.

Direct cremations offer an opportunity to get all funeral arrangements done within a short period of time. We organise mortuary care, coffins as well as the transport to the cremation venue. We also register for your loved one’s death certificate.

The idea is to allow you to grieve in peace knowing that your loved one will still receive a decent send-off.

Personalised goodbyes

Direct cremations are usually unattended. But, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be involved in your loved one’s final journey. If anything it’s quite the opposite. Direct Cremations Melbourne understands that you need to be involved when your loved one is cremated.

For this reason, we’ll let you know once we’ve booked the cremation process. This is important because, during that time, you may want to do something significant. It could be lighting a candle or even playing their favourite song. Whichever way you choose to remember them has to have meaning for both you and the deceased.

Why choose Direct Cremations Melbourne

Direct Cremations Melbourne has been providing cremation services over the years. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your loved ones get a decent send-off while you get time to grieve. You can also organise a memorial while we worry about everything else.

Call us today and we’ll help you get through the difficult times that follow a loved one’s death.