Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult enough already. You don’t want to deal with the added effort of planning a funeral during this stressful time. Funeral Arrangements can be overwhelming, there are so many decisions to be made in such a short period of time. Not only do you need to plan the service details, like venue, celebrant, coffin, flowers, music and refreshments but all these details start to add up in cost.

That’s why at Direct Cremations Melbourne, we offer no funeral cremation services. You can say goodbye to your loved ones in a simple and dignified way. And, you can focus on what matters – cherishing your memories and time spent together.


Deciding what to do once a loved one has passed can be difficult and time-consuming. At Direct Cremations Melbourne we are upfront and direct about what our services include. From organising certificates, logistics, to mortuary care, Direct Cremations Melbourne is with you.

You won’t get caught out by hidden fees that will quickly add up and no doubt add to the stress. Direct Cremations Melbourne is upfront about the cost of the entire service we provide, which covers the whole process. So, you can focus on what is important.


It’s no secret that a typical funeral service can cost tens and thousands of dollars. Our direct cremation service is only $1,980. This includes everything you need to say goodbye to your loved one in a special and dignified way.

The savings can be used to honour your loved one in any unique and special way. But, with direct cremation, you still have the option of saying goodbye to your loved one by either private viewing or meeting our hearse within the gardens of the crematorium to say goodbye prior to the cremation. We are available 24 hours a day to assist your family. Please call us to get a personalised quote for these additional services.

A Direct cremation can be arranged within a few days of passing. No traditional service will take place and no mourners will attend. It is the cheapest funeral service available. But Direct Cremations Melbourne still treats the process with the respect and dignity that every person deserves.


Direct Cremations Melbourne offers additional products and add-ons to perfectly suit your needs. For example, we have 5 different beautiful direct cremation locations for you to choose from across Melbourne.

Our cremation locations include Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Bunurong Memorial Park. Or, if you prefer, Lilydale, Fawkner, and Altona Memorial Park could give that special touch to the service, at only $395 extra.

We know that life doesn’t necessarily slow down, even during your time of grief. Direct Cremations Melbourne also offers Weekend and Public Holiday services – contact us for a quote. Direct Cremation Services are as easy as arranging over the phone and completing documents via email. For a personalised service, an arrangement in person with a funeral consultant is only $195. If a larger coffin is needed, this will also cost an additional $195.

If you are looking for an alternative funeral service in Melbourne, get in touch today. The process is streamlined and simple, with no confusing and frustrating hidden costs. And, it’s the cheapest and most straightforward option out there. If you want a simple service that still allows you to say goodbye in a private and intimate way, consider direct cremation. We are happy to answer any questions and to help you find the service that is right for you.