Having a direct cremation or unattended cremation is a highly personalised choice either by the wishes of the person who died or by their loved ones who choose not to have an extravagant funeral service. While many people still choose to hold a funeral service followed by a cremation or burial, direct cremations have become increasingly popular. The cost-effectiveness of unattended cremation service is beneficial for many as you do not have to arrange a funeral ceremony within days of your loved one’s passing or need to pay for those additional aspects of a service, eg. celebrant, venue, flowers, catering, or an expensive coffin to be on show. A direct cremation gives you time to spend with family to grieve and reflect. A memorial service to celebrate your loved one’s life can be arranged later. Today, direct cremations are a prime choice for many, Direct Cremations Melbourne is only a phone call away and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help and can answer any of your questions any day of the year. The once-off direct cremation service fee covers all aspects to arrange the cremation. This includes transfer into our care, cremation fee, basic mortuary care, a basic MDF coffin, the collection of the medical certificate and registration of the death certificate with Births, Deaths & Marriages (BDM). Family will receive the original death certificate directly from BDM weeks following the cremation. We understand that a death can happen at any time and be a stressful time for loved ones hence we offer a compassionate and empathetic service which is professional and informative. We ensure that we are there for you in your difficult time of need and we understand that direct cremation budget services are necessary to keep the financial cost low. It is personalised and we know that many people choose direct cremations due to budget or convenience. You can keep the ashes in an urn or scatter them somewhere that was special to your loved one.

Myths of Grief

There are myths of grief when it comes to losing a loved one who has unfortunately passed away. Whether it be a sudden passing or expected due to illness, there is no one right way to grieve. While direct cremation services offer you peace of mind financially and the ability to hold onto the ashes or scatter them somewhere special, grieving is a process that takes time. One myth is that the pain will go away if you ignore it, however avoidance of emotions can lead to burying it deep down only to find that it resurfaces and can be quite severe. It is wise to face the emotions of grief and engage with them. It is normal to feel emotions of sadness, depression and crying can be good for the soul as it releases emotions. Even if you do not cry, it does not mean you don’t feel the sadness of the loss of a loved one. There is no need to stay strong for family and friends; this is a myth. It is typical to grieve with family and friends and everyone grieves in their own unique way. Fear is also a common reaction to losing a loved one as is loneliness which can be experienced when it is a partner whom you have lost. Direct Cremations in Melbourne understands the nature of grief and we offer our sympathy and support throughout the difficult time. We know that moving on with your life does not mean you forget about the person you lost; if you get back into the swing of your lifestyle and work or retirement if you are retired, it doesn’t mean you lose the memories of your loved one. Moving forward means you can accept the loss and keep the memories alive in your mind and in photographs and videos. The team at Direct Cremations in Melbourne understand your grief and we ensure that we offer our cremation services to make it easier for you in such a difficult time.

Why Direct Cremations?

Direct Cremations is a family owned and operated business by two sisters, Ellese Templeton and Sheree Templeton. Direct Cremations Melbourne has a sister company, Templeton Family Funerals for those families wanting a funeral service instead of unattended budget cremation service. We service all of Melbourne Metropolitan and we offer professionalism and conduct ourselves with integrity treating everyone with respect and dignity. Offering a truly personalised service, Direct Cremations understands that every person is unique and there are different stories to be told. Loved ones have touched the lives of their family and friends in a unique way and that is why we treat your beloved with dignity and offer our empathetic and compassionate cremation services. No ask is too much for us and we cater to your requests and wishes. We are contactable by telephone, email or fax and our years of experience in the industry means you can be confident in our ability to offer an exceptional quality service. Our direct cremations are affordable, and we engage with you throughout the entire process ensuring we take care of the administrative tasks for you.