Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult time.  If the death is sudden, you may not know the

wishes of your loved one or your financial situation may not be able to afford an elaborate funeral service or burial. This can cause stress and anxiety, so that is why a Direct Cremation could be the service that suits your family. Direct Cremations in Melbourne offers a low-cost alternative to traditional funeral services. Families are now wanting options when it comes to funerals, tradition is breaking, and unattended or direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular. The cost of a funeral service can be high with expensive venue hire, refreshments, caskets, headstones and all the additional services that are associated with arranging a funeral. Direct Cremations can offer you a simpler, more cost-effective way by having a direct cremation which is respectful and dignified. You don’t have to worry or stress about arranging a funeral service in a short period of time. A direct cremation can be arranged within 48 hours of a loved one passing. Following the cremation, the ashes can be ready for collection within 24-48 hours. The ashes are placed in an urn provided by the crematorium or you can choose to select an urn from our extensive urn brochure, some families choose to scatter a loved ones ashes in a location that was special to them. We are available day or night to look after your loved one and family. A simple direct cremation service is what we offer, this gives you time to be with family and plan for a memorial service later.

Private Funeral Arrangements

Direct Cremations offers unattended direct cremation services to clientele wanting a more simple, respectful way as an alternative to traditional funeral services and a burial. There are ways to celebrate a loved one’s life through holding a personalised memorial service at a later date. You could have a celebration at your home or your loved one’s home with family and friends in attendance. You could have a celebrant conduct the service, display photos of your loved one while having a glass of their favourite drink. If your loved one had a hobby such as cooking or gardening, why not give all the guests a copy of their favourite recipe or everyone could take home some seedlings; such as forget-me-nots which are a symbol of remembrance can be handed out to family and friends for them to plant as their own tribute to your loved one. If you receive an abundance of flowers for your loved one’s passing you can reuse the flowers and transform them into jewellery. All you need is translucent polymer clay which you can purchase from an arts and crafts store or online and you knead the clay until it is soft and then place dried flower petals into the clay and work the clay until the petals are worked in. You can then shape the beads into what you want and use wire to create holes for threading. Pop the clay into the oven for baking according to the instructions and you can then thread them together to make a bracelet or necklace to give out to guests at your private funeral. Instead of a fancy funeral, a direct cremation followed by memorial service is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional church or chapel service and you can celebrate your loved one’s life in the way that you wish. If your loved one was a bookworm, they might have a library full of books that you do not know what to do with. One thoughtful gesture is to give away books to family and friends who attend the memorial funeral. This will provide people with an appropriate memento to enjoy in memory of your loved one. Traditionally people wear black to a funeral, however it is becoming increasingly popular for people to request that guests wear bright colours. Colourful garments worn can be a symbol of celebrating your loved one’s life rather than mourning. 

Scattering Your Loved Ones’ Ashes

There are plenty of ways to scatter your loved one’s ashes once a direct cremation service has been and gone. You may decide to keep your loved one’s ashes in an urn, however many people choose to scatter them nowadays. Choose a place that is special to your loved one or that has significant memories of your loved one. It may be a garden or their favourite beach or lake or you could choose their hometown or your backyard. Another nice place to scatter your loved one’s ashes is a park or bushland they loved to walk or cycle through. It could be the place where they got married or a place they travelled frequently. Further to this, you could choose a place that they wanted to travel to but never got a chance. There are a plethora of ideas of where to scatter your loved one’s ashes after a direct cremation. Let’s Do It Your Way.